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Alireza Kohany (Persian: علیرضا کهنی / AKA: Alireza Kohani) is a successful, talented Musician (Singer and DJ) and Producer who is pursuing his dreams and achieve his goals by his latest style. He is also an Iranian Public Figure Artist; Fashion Model and Actor, Instagram Star, Entrepreneur and Influencer; He was Born on June 18, 1993, Tehran, Iran.
His journey started at a very young age, followed by producing his first ever music podcast at the age of 15, Finally Alireza decided to move to Turkey, where his career took off and he had the chance to get introduced to famous DJ's and Producers.
In 2018, he finally found the sound that he was looking for so long and officially started his music style.
He takes pride in the fact that he can communicate with people on a spiritual level as soon as one of his podcast are played and that is the thing that makes him stand out in the ever saturated crowd of DJ's.
He has managed to attract many fans in social media; He has accumulated over 5 millions followers on his AlirezaKohany Instagram account and other social media.
There is a lot of news about him or his content and his articles (business, entrepreneurship, digital influencer) on the Google News page. He has also published some books on Amazon.
He played a role in some films which are available on his page with his name (Alireza Kohany) on IMDB's website.
Also, His musics or remix is downloadable on Spotify and iTunes (Apple Music) or another music stores under his name.

He is founder of Alireza Kohany Productions:

Alireza Kohany Productions (Persian: علیرضا کهنی پروداکشنز) is an international record label (record company), and brand or trademark of music recordings and music videos, Also provide publicists, who assist performers in gaining positive media coverage, and arrange for their merchandise to be available via stores and other media outlets, Managed by Alireza Kohany (Persian: علیرضا کهنی); And the label of stars, Alireza Kohany Productions has released music for global artists.

* Alireza Kohany Also Known As Alireza Kohani - علیرضا کهنی

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